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College volunteers come into the community to build the first "silver hair club"

The afternoon of March 20, 2018, Changsha in Tianxin District, Muyun Street Community Center Louvre is full of laughter, a live demonstration of the teacher silk flower production, under Taiwan thirty elderly volunteers hand help in learning. The old people were making a hands-on and talking to the volunteers happily. After the teacher and the volunteers were instructing patiently, an hour later, a beautiful silk screen flower appeared on the hands of the old man. The old people said happily that for the first time in the community, they can not only get out of their homes and chat with others, but also enjoy themselves so happily.

To enrich the cultural life of the elderly in community, improve the quality of life of the elderly, realize the feeling of happiness, youth volunteer community affairs college Changsha Louvre Institute of finance management service team established the first "community seniors club".