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Changsha Social Work College was established in the year of 1984, and was upgraded into a higher vocational college in 1999 with the permission of Ministry of Education of people's Republic of China. It is the first group or National Demonstrative Higher Vocational College, and also the first group of Extraordinary Higher Vocational College in Hunan province. The existing school district and School of social work, School of business, School of electronic and information engineering, School of software, arts, medicine, funeral Institute, Foreign Language Institute, Institute of Finance Management 9 and two college general education center, teaching department, ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching of sports department 3. The formation of the "social management and service", "health care services", "home information and intelligent technology service", "modern business services", "creative design and media", "foreign application service" 6 specialty group; there are provincial and demonstration (key, bone dry, 22 professional features) among them, the national key construction professional 8, provincial demonstrative specialty, 2 Provincial Vocational convergence pilot professional 1, Hunan province secondary vocational teachers free normal students oriented joint undergraduate majors 1. There are 2 state-level key training bases, 1 of which are hosted by the national level vocational education teacher training and training base, and 2 are provincial productive practice training (teacher certification training) bases. Professional teaching resource library of national 1, 17 courses of national excellent resource sharing, the Provincial Education Committee and the Ministry of education, 22 excellent courses, teacher classroom space 15, courier classroom and synchronous classroom resources 2, 6 led the development of professional skills standard sample of students in Higher Vocational Colleges of Hunan province. The school is facing the national enrollment, and the current full-time students are over 1.8. There are 1 national teaching masters, 3 provincial teaching masters, 9 provincial professional leaders and 25 provincial colleges and universities young teachers, young teachers all have a master's degree; 142 teachers with the edge hill university, Ferris State University, Taiwan University of science and technology such as hiking visiting foreign and overseas experience. The campus covers an area of more than 1024 mu, the building area is 450 thousand square meters, and the total value of teaching equipment is about 96000000 yuan. A modern library with 23 thousand and 500 square meters of area. The modern basketball hall with 15 thousand and 300 square meters and 8000 seats has successfully hosted the twenty-eighth Asian men's Basketball Championships and the tenth Universiade of Hunan. With the second generation of the latest digital campus network, equipped with more than 300 intelligent classrooms. There are modern service sharing training base and virtual reality learning center, 258 professional laboratory training rooms and 369 outside school training bases. The school actively innovates the talent training mode of "integration of production and education, school enterprise cooperation and work study combination", implements credit system, implements small class teaching, and develops modern apprenticeship system. The school has a close cooperation relationship with the industry and Kingdee software, BOSCH, MITSUBISHI electric, China Southern Airlines, logistics and other well-known enterprises to establish. In 2010, the school took the lead in the construction of network learning space for everyone to pass "in the country, to explore the creation of" network learning space for all "construction mode, has become an important part of the national education information" three project ", the construction experience of the province, the national promotion. At present, teachers have accumulated 800 thousand space teaching resources, and the teachers and students visit each other 200 million times. Our school made a speech at the first international education informatization conference held by UNESCO and the national education information video conference held by the State Council. The school teachers receive 9 national teaching achievement awards, 28 provincial teaching achievement awards, 4 national first-class information teaching competitions, and 12 first prize of provincial informatization teaching design competition. Students won more than 500 first-class awards at the provincial and above skills competitions and teaching competitions, including 16 national first prize. In March 2016, the China Science Evaluation Research Center and China Education Quality Evaluation Center of Wuhan University jointly issued the China Science and education evaluation network, and released the ranking list of Chinese Specialist (Higher Vocational Colleges) competitiveness in 2016. Our school ranked the fifth in the country. The enrollment score line has been the first in Higher Vocational Colleges in the province for 9 years, with more than three admission lines. The school has become a national training base for talents in social work and a training base for highly skilled talents in modern service industry in Hunan province. It is moving towards the "double first class" goal of building first-class vocational colleges and first-class professional groups.