Enrolment organization and responsibilities

      The school enrollment work leading group by the school leaders and the relevant functional departments of people, responsible for the implementation of the Ministry of education and the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) related admissions policy of the Admissions Committee, responsible for the enrollment charter, enrollment regulations and implementation rules, determine the enrollment and adjust disciplines enrollment plan, specific the implementation of the enrollment work of leadership and supervision, coordination and handling of major issues in the enrollment.
        The admissions office is the executive body of the school admissions leading group. Its main responsibility is to prepare enrollment plan according to the enrollment regulations and implementation rules of the school, organize enrollment publicity and enrollment, and deal with the daily affairs of general college enrollment.
The school sets up an enrollment supervision group composed of school leaders and discipline inspection and supervision departments to supervise the enrolment. In the period of admission, a letter and visit group is set up, and a special person is arranged to be responsible for the candidates' letters and visits, complaints and complaints handling.